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Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

posted by Lissa Logan
Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is common to many men, so you’re not alone. And yes, it can play on one’s insecurities.

So here are some tips to minimize the appearance of a receding hairline or thinning hair.

  1. Get a Haircut. Ashort haircut is almost always a good option.
  2. Shave Your Head. With a total lack of hair, nobody will notice you’re losing it in the first place.
  3. Get A Hat. Wearing a stylish hat (on either formal or casual occasions) is an easy trick for concealing a receding hairline.
  4. Grow it Out. If your hairline is receding, but your hair is otherwise full, you may also consider growing it out a bit and wearing the style loose and shaggy with the bangs forward a bit. This will help conceal the receding part at the front. Just make sure, at all costs, to avoid the comb-over effect.
  5. Go Easy on Products. Avoid using too much productsthat cause the hair to separate and expose scalp. Use just a small amount of a light cream on dry hair.

These are just a few ways men can make the most of thinning hair.

Source: David Alexander, Men’s Hair Expert,

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Can You Braid Short Hair?

posted by Lissa Logan

Just because a shorter cut lacks length, it does not mean you are limited to the number of ways you can style your hair.

Lucy Hale showed us that a low ponytail doesn’t have to be so plain. At the back, there was a Mohawk-like braid down the center of her head forming into the low ponytail.

Other braids that can be done to short hair are:

  • Inside Outside Braids
  • Halo Braid
  • Half Up Braids
  • Waterfall Braid
  • French Fringe Braid
  • Braided Updo with Volume
  • And a lot more

A big thanks to Lucy Hale for reminding us how versatile short hair can be. If want to see what other styles are there for your short do, come by the salon and we’ll be happy to show you.


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Do Colour Treatments Damage Hair?

posted by Lissa Logan
Do Colour Treatments Damage Hair?

Do Colour Treatments Damage Hair?

No. Today’s colour treatments are loaded with extra conditioners to prevent hair damage and give your hair more volume and body.

If you want to get your hair coloured, go to a professional. The salon will be able to ensure you get vibrant, beautiful hair.

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The Return Of The Twist

posted by Lissa Logan

It’s official. The twist has made a comeback.

But it’s not that stuffy old French twist you’re thinking about. The new hair style has lots of variations to make them interesting and beautiful!

Here are three of them:

Textured Twist- Stylists add texturizing spray to the roots of damp hair to create this look. Nothing boring about it!

Go Messy!  Dishevel a twist by pulling a few hairs out here and there. Then  scatter a few strands around the face to create that beachy look.

Add A Bun- It’s fun to combine two styles together. A chignon coiled on top works well with the French Twist for an unusual and beautiful do.

Want to see other versions of the twist? Come by the salon and we will gladly create it for you!

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Overnight Hair Care

posted by Lissa Logan
Overnight Hair Care

Overnight Hair Care

Before going to bed, you make sure that your skin has all the cremes, solutions, and anti-aging ingredients it needs to become smoother and younger looking.

But what about your hair?

There are several ways you can care for your hair while you sleep. Let’s look at some of them.

Argan Oil
If you have dry or damaged hair, you can apply a nourishing hair treatment before going to bed. Then wrap your head with a silk scarf to make your tresses silky smooth when you wake up. Constant conditioning will give you tresses that are soft to the touch and less tangles to deal with.

Contain Your Hair
Sleeping with your hair down causes knots and tangles with all the tossing and turning you do in bed. And sometimes brushing it out may damage your locks. Pulling your hair into a loose bun won’t tug or add pressure to your scalp while you sleep.

Cut the Heat in Half
If it is necessary that you using heating tools on your hair, you can cut down the time easily. Wash your hair the night before. Then gently using a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. In the morning, your hair will be dryer and softer, which means you won’t have to use the dryer as long, lessening the heat against your hair.

Beat Frizz
Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner evenly through damp hair, focusing on ends. Run a wide-tooth comb through hair. Then twist into a loose bun prior to going to sleep. In the morning, release your bun and you’ll be left with hair that has frizz-free body and shine.

Make Dry Shampoo Your Friend
If your mane is on the oily side, consider spritzing the grease away by using dry shampoo the night before. Spray about six inches away from the roots and let the product sit for a minute before styling your hair into a topknot. This will create instant volume on waves already created by the high bun and soak up excess oil, all while providing a fresh, clean scent.

Promote Growth
Remember when your grandmother used to brush her hair with 100 strokes before night time? There’s no need to do all that work, especially since that much brushing can cause breakage. Gently stimulate your scalp with your fingertips before bed. This moves blood flow to the scalp, leading to healthy growth patterns and dispersing natural, moisturizing oils throughout your hair.

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Perfectly healthy long time clients will sometimes tell us, “My hair texture has changed. What happened?”

And we’ll see it too. Hair that was once curly is now straight. Straight hair now has more curl. Many stylists, and even some doctors, believe that hormones drive the change.

That’s because there are three major hormones that affect hair, thyroxine, androgen, and insulin.

These three hormones are responsible for how your body uses the food you eat, your hair growth, and how hair looks and feels.

We wish there was more research on this subject, but there isn’t. “What adds to the curl or takes away from the curl is a fascinating issue scientifically,” says Tom Dawson, a principle scientist at P & G Beauty. “You’d think with something as fundamental as human hair, and the amount of time and money we put into our hair, that we’d know more than we do. But it’s a tough nut to crack.”

So while scientists are trying to figure it all out, you can turn to us to help you with the changing needs of your hair. After all, we work with a variety of hair types and textures all day long.

We can quickly and easily help you adjust to what feels like completely different hair. You may even decide you like the change!

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Versatile Short Hairstyles

posted by Lissa Logan
Versatile Short Hairstyles

Versatile Short Hairstyles

Whether it’s a demure crop with a zigzag part or a shaggy bob, there’s a new word for short hair: sexy.

Today’s short styles pump up a woman’s sex appeal and still allow her an easy wash-and-go style. Trendsetting styles like long sideswept fringe and highlights are both edgy and feminine.

But short doesn’t have to mean super short. A chic bob can be a real head turner!

What’s the right cut for you? That answer all depends on your face shape and best features. What do you want to accentuate, your eyes, cheekbones or jawline?

That’s the fun part! Share your vision with us and we’ll make it happen!

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How To Treat Dandruff

posted by Lissa Logan
How To Treat Dandruff

How To Treat Dandruff

While controllable, dandruff can be persistent and requires consistent treatment. There are several types of over-the-counter shampoos available for treating dandruff. If you try one and it doesn’t have the desired effect, move on to the next.

Listed below are the four common types of dandruff shampoos:

• Zinc pyrithione shampoos contain an antibacterial and antifungal agent (zinc pyrithione) which has been shown to fight the fungus that causes dandruff.

• Selenium sulfide shampoos can prevent cell turnover and may help control the malassezia fungus. These types of shampoos may discolour blond or grey hair and can cause significant discolouration in chemically treated hair as well. So follow the directions carefully and rinse well.

• Ketoconazole shampoo contains a broad antifungal agent.

• Tar-based shampoos contain coal tar, which slows cell turnover and reduces the formation of dandruff’s scaly flakes.

Use of these shampoos above is recommended daily until dandruff is controlled. Once the dandruff is under control, use dandruff shampoo two or three times a week, alternating with a good moisturizing shampoo.

If the dandruff shampoo loses its effectiveness, switch to another type of shampoo or try alternating between types. Be sure to follow directions carefully.

Should over the counter treatments fail, see your dermatologist. Stronger treatments are available by prescription.

In addition to using the proper shampoo, other steps can be taken to control dandruff, including: eating right, exfoliating the scalp with a facial scrub, managing stress, and reducing the amount of styling products used.

Consistently following a dandruff control routine should keep your hair and scalp looking healthy and flake free.

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It’s true. How you wash your affects how it performs, adding bounce and shine or stripping it away.

That’s why we thought we’d share the most beneficial way to wash your hair for hair that’s happy and manageable.

Start with a rinse. Hot water opens up the cuticles of the hair, which makes it easier to remove dirt and product. That’s why your hair should be thoroughly wet before you add any shampoo.

When hair is rinsed in warm water it loosens the oils throughout the scalp, opening the cuticles so that your hair can absorb the oil in your conditioner.

If you have long hair, condition first. Sound strange? Hear us out. If your hair has grown beyond your shoulders, it’s important to protect those fragile ends from further damage and dryness.

Running a small amount of conditioner through your hair first, then rinsing before adding shampoo fills up any holes in the cuticles with moisture. And that boosts shine and makes your hair smoother.

Lather only at the scalp. Shampoo at the scalp because the hair is the newest and most likely oiliest. Hair at the ends is oldest and driest. So put the shampoo where it’s needed most.

DON’T rinse and repeat. This is just a marketing ploy to get you to use more product. A second wash just strips the hair. If your hair is extremely dirty, then yes, a second round is warranted.

Remember to always be gentle with your hair. Friction can permanently damage it, leading to frizz and breakage. Just think of your hair in the same way as hand washing delicate clothing!

Because it really does need that TLC.


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Why She’s Got A New Attitude

posted by Lissa Logan
Why She’s Got A New Attitude

Why She’s Got A New Attitude

What is it about hair?

There’s nothing like it to build confidence and sass! But for women with hair that’s slow to grow or very fine, not only is it maddening, it’s a self-esteem buster.

The good news is you really don’t have to put up with it any longer! With hair extensions, you can safely and beautifully get the hair—and the look—you’ve always wanted.

And you can get it in just a few hours!

Do you want:

– Volume?
– Length?
– Fullness?
– All of the above?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, hair extensions can give it to you! And you don’t have to worry about damage to your hair. Because we use human hair, the care is pretty much the same.

We’ll show you the few key differences and how to care for your extensions for beautiful style and class.

Strut that hair attitude you’ve always wanted to have. There’s absolutely no reason not to. Schedule a consult today!

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