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5 Rules For Heat Styling Your Hair

5 Rules For Heat Styling Your Hair

We know you love your heat styling tools. And yes, we love them, too! But like everything, knowledge is power.

The better informed you are the healthier your hair!

First, we recommend that you don’t style your hair with heat every day because it dries out your hair fast.

If your hair is already dry, then you’ll have to trim your hair more often. Plus, over use of blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers can make your hair look fried, which can cause split ends. So go easy, okay?

With that in mind, when you do heat style your hair, you want to use the correct sized tool for your hair type and the style you want. Talk to us before you go buy anything. We can help you narrow down just what you need.

And that leads us to point number three. Always use professional tools! Anything with ceramic and tourmaline is good. These heat up much faster and stay hot longer, so you don’t have to hold the hair in the barrel for very long. Nor will you need to smooth over your hair repeatedly with a flat iron.

Point number four is to keep the curling iron away from your bangs. They don’t play well together. Just blow dry or flat iron them.

And lastly, use heat protection before styling. For flat ironing and curling, use a thermal protecting spray. It also has a little hold to it.

Then brush through your hair to give it a soft look. And you’re good to go!

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