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Classic Signs You Need A Mini “Chop”

Classic Signs You Need A Mini “Chop”

Definition of Mini Chop-Cutting off two or more inches of your hair.

You look in the mirror and maybe it’s your imagination, or maybe it’s not, but your hair looks bored!

Chances are you’re both ready for a change. Not the Big Change, just a Mini Change. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Here are some very good reasons to get a mini chop (and give you and your hair a happy attitude!)

1. Split Ends-If hair is damaged with a hefty amount of split ends, taking two inches off can actually make it look like you have more hair. You’ll also have more body, bounce, and manageability.

2. Single Knots-Knots make your hair more prone to tangling. Plus, they are more apparent with stretched styles like braids and twists because the ends of the hair just won’t smooth out. A small trim may work wonders, but if the knot has traveled down the length of the hair, cutting two inches may be needed.

3. Get Rid of Damage-This is a big one! From over styling to lack of consistent care, hair gets fuzzy, frizzy, dry, and dull. Cutting a mere two inches can almost bring your hair back from the dead!

4. You want something a little different! Taking a couple of inches off to try out a new look is an excellent way to take a new style for a test drive. It certainly isn’t difficult or time-consuming to grow out two inches.

When you’re ready for a mini chop, chances are you’ll love the look. It’s just enough of a change to give you renewed confidence and to feel more stylish.

Source: www.naturallycurly.com

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