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Hair Streaks For Men

Hair Streaks For Men

Colour is an underutilized way of adding a unique style and aesthetic appeal to your hair. Many men make the mistake of thinking when they colour their hair, they have to go all out and look completely different, but the truth is even adding small streaks can make a big difference without looking too ‘out there’.

Streaks are an awesome way to get a brand new look without much risk. Streaks add texture and a unique style to any head of hair, so they’re worth a try if you’re looking for some easy hair colour. Streaks on dark hair usually work best when they’re brown to dark blonde. If you have lighter colour hair a light blonde or platinum colour will work great.

If you want a riskier hair colour and rock a hairstyle like an undercut or fauxhawk, just get streaks on top. If you’re the type to go all out, get streaks all over. Whichever you choose, streaks will definitely add a new element to your style.

Source: www.hairstyleonpoint.com

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