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How Do Kids Get Head Lice?

How Do Kids Get Head Lice?

When you hear the words head lice, you immediately think of how gross it is and moving as far away from the person infected as possible.

But the truth is head lice are not a result of unsanitary conditions or skipping showers.

Head lice can happen to anyone because it’s transferred directly head-to-head. Most head lice infestations happen with kids between the ages of 3-11 years old. And oddly, more girls than boys contract it.

The initial symptom of head lice is constant head scratching. Examine the hair for lice activity. Check around the ears and the neck. You may find a rash and red bites.

Kids at this age hug more, and they put their heads together to share secrets or to look at the same book. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your children being social.

However, they do need to know that there are some things they don’t share, like a comb, brush, hats or scarves. And when sleeping over at a friend’s house, it’s important that they only use their own pillow and their own sleeping bag.

As a precautionary measure, when your child returns home, put the sleeping bag and pillow in the dryer for 30 minutes. This will kill any possible lice.

It’s also important to know that pets can’t give your kids head lice, and your kids can’t transfer the infestation to them. It’s strictly human-to-human.

In order to get through this, you can use over-the-counter anti-lice shampoo or shampoo prescribed by your pediatrician.

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