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How To Get A Healthy Scalp

How To Get A Healthy Scalp

Having a beautiful set of locks doesn’t just depend on your hair. You need to care for your scalp as well.

We have listed some tips on how to make sure your scalp is in good condition.

Wash Daily
Keeping your scalp clean is key to minimizing clogged pores and other scalp problems.
Use a gentle shampoo and wash once each day. Work the lather into your hair and scalp for about two minutes. Forget the “rinse and repeat” part because one good wash is enough.

Exfoliate Weekly
You can remove the dead skin cells and dirt from your scalp with an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week. A facial scrub is gentle enough to be used on the scalp too.

This is quite beneficial because it helps promote good blood flow to your scalp. It helps to keep the scalp flexible, soothes nerves and relaxes your muscles. A scalp massage also promotes hair growth and luster, plus it feels great, too. One each week, massage the scalp with your fingertips using a firm pressure in a circular motion. Place the fingers under the hair to avoid pulling. Perform this exercise for three or four minutes.

Avoid Drying Problems
One of the main causes of dry scalp is shampooing with water that is too hot. This can strip essentials oils from the skin and cause dryness. Wash hair in lukewarm water to help retain those essential oils.
Excessive blow drying of the hair can also make your scalp dry. If you notice excessive drying, a good leave-in conditioner can help replenish moisture to the scalp.

Maintaining a great looking head of hair starts with a healthy scalp. Follow the tips above to help ensure yours stays in great shape.

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