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How To Get Beachy Waves For Every Hair Type

How To Get Beachy Waves For Every Hair Type

It started as a trend, but now it’s a beauty staple. Beachy waves give every woman a soft, tousled look that’s super flattering. Even better, it’s an easy look to create!

How can you get that soft, flattering look for your hair type? Read on.

1. Of course, it all starts with the cut. We’ll look at your hair type and make recommendations accordingly.

2. Naturally wavy hair — If your hair is naturally wavy, you want to add texture and moisture. Spritz salt spray. Spray on towel-dried hair just below the roots and inch above the tips. Scrunch and air dry.

3. Dry hair — Skip the salt spray. Add a product for additional moisture and texture. Scrunch and air dry or blow dry with a diffuser for an undone look.

4. Naturally fine, straight hair — Use a small-barreled curling iron to get really tight curls. Then sleep on those tight curls. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have natural-looking curls!

5. Naturally straight hair — Curl with a flat iron. Rotate the iron a half-turn as you slowly pull the iron down. Curl random sections and in different directions for a natural and beautiful look.

6. And for any hair type — If your hair is long, just wear a bun to bed. You want your hair to be damp. Choose either a large bun or a small one, depending on the size of the wave you want. In the morning, you can add sea salt spray for added texture, if you want.

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