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How To Know If Your Hair Needs A Do Over

How To Know If Your Hair Needs A Do Over

Sometimes we get so attached to our hairstyle we forget that it could be out of style. Time’s funny like that.

So ask yourself:

– “How long have I had my current hairstyle?” (If you’ve worn it since your school days, well…)
– “What’s really stopping me from taking the plunge?”

Most of the time it’s just fear no matter how much you trust your stylist. That’s why we love baby steps!

But what if you like your current hairstyle? You find it fits your life and it’s easy.

Change the cut slightly.

You can also think color! A slight change of just one shade from your current color can make your whole look brighten, and make you look younger.

Remember, the point of making a hair change is to keep you feeling good about yourself. Sometimes, you get so comfortable with a particular style the thought of changing it seems unthinkable.

BUT, if friends are pointing out new do’s in magazines and saying, “This would look so cute on you!” Maybe it’s time to trust your friends and your stylist.

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