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How To Make Grey Hair Stunning!

How To Make Grey Hair Stunning!

We love them, don’t we, those little blue-haired ladies with the big purses? Love them, yes, but we don’t want to look like them!

To keep grey locks looking bouncy, sassy and shiny, takes commitment to maintenance. Here’s what we recommend:

1. First, talk to your stylist about your specific silver fox needs. If you’re easing out of color, you’ll need a plan. Opt for highlights or lowlights to help grow out the color.

2. Grey hair is wiry, dry and brittle. And it’s sensitive to the elements! Get regular in salon deep conditioning treatments followed by weekly at home deep conditioning treatments.

3. To counteract yellow, get a violet-based glossing treatment in the salon every 6-8 weeks.

4. Use a violet-based shampoo that’s moisturizing to calm down the dryness.

5. Use a clarifying shampoo weekly to remove pollutants and the effects of cigarette smoke (if you’re around any).

With the same commitment given to any hair type, you can rock sexy, silver locks!

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