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How To Manage Thick, Dense Hair By Hair Salon Broome Call Us On 08 9192 1432

Hair Services for Women and Men-Shaggahs Hair Studio-Hair Salon BroomeThick dense hair is difficult to take care of, and even harder to style and maintain. This means you spend more time grooming your hair than others. And worse, you need a bunch of different styling products to keep it under control.

In order to take really god care of this type of hair, you need to start with proper cleansing. Choose a shampoo specifically formulated for thick, dense hair. Also, use a salon quality conditioner. Conditioners moisturise hair and help in keeping it manageable.

Second, get the right haircut. Have your trusted stylist give you a cut that suits your face shape and is easy to style. Do not be frustrated if you have to spend a bit more on a haircut because what you need is way beyond basic styling. In order to achieve the right style, your stylist needs to create texture and definition even if you decide on a short hairstyle.

And lastly, pick the right styling products. This is important in managing very thick and dense hair. Invest in hair products that smoothen hair and control volume. And since you will be using a decent amount of hair product, start by applying small amounts and then just add gradually as you style. Be prepared to use a combination of styling products to get the look you want.

How To Manage Thick, Dense Hair – Call Us On 08 9192 1432