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How Winter Weather Affects Your Hair By Hair Salon Broome Call Us On 08 9192 1432

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? The products you used in the summer for your hair now seem to have lost their magic. At the height of summer, you were fighting humidity. Now you don’t have enough of it!

But why should that matter, you ask? Well, the weather affects how your hair products perform. Cold weather causes the cuticle to lift then Old Man Winter leeches the moisture right out of your hair. Indoor heating systems compound the problem, leading to more split ends, frizzies, and hair that becomes dull, lifeless, and static.

What a mess! But not to worry, we have a plan.

1. Start with your shampoo. Use one intended for additional hydration. It’s an excellent choice for plumping up dry, winter hair.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner. To help prevent moisture loss, the leave-in conditioner will seal and protect hair. With this product, we know you won’t have to worry about product buildup. See next tip to understand why that’s important.

3. Clarify less often. In the summer, it’s important to clarify regularly because of humidity. In the winter, clarifying will remove product build up AND moisture. Choose products that are less likely to cause build up. Our product line is perfect for this.

4. Deep condition weekly. We actually recommend this year round! Deep conditioning penetrates dry, winter hair for more shine, bounce and styling manageability.

5. Shampoo less frequently. This may help cut down on dryness. Try every other day or every three days and see how your hair performs.

One last tip. If you notice that your hair gets a little frizz, add a smoothing serum. This will give your hair gloss and smooth down those dry ends.

And, of course, get regular trims. Got other questions? Great! Just let us know.

How Winter Weather Affects Your Hair – Call Us On 08 9192 1432