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You probably don’t think much about your scalp, especially if you’re having multiple bad hair days.

However, sometimes the problems with your hair start with your scalp!

Believe it or not, your scalp is more delicate than you think. It needs to be nourished just like your hair.

That’s one big reason we don’t recommend conditioning just the ends of your hair. You’re just drying out your scalp.

Even oily hair needs scalp conditioning for top hair performance. And fine hair?

You should notice thicker hair after three months. But wait there’s more!

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is only half the answer.

Equally important to the process is massage. You’re not only removing dead skin cells and excess oil, you’re boosting circulation, just like exercise does for your body.

Remember to use the balls of your fingers when you massage, not your nails, which simply scratch your scalp.

Give it two weeks to see an initial difference. We think you’ll love the results!

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