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Is This Contributing To Your Hair Loss?

Is This Contributing To Your Hair Loss?

Have you ever considered that your shampoo could be a possible culprit in the fight to keep your hair?

Not all shampoos are created equal. In fact, 95% of shampoo and personal care manufacturers use a chemical that’s known to cause hair loss.

The ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), was originally designed to clean the dirt and grime out of your hair.

And it does.

In fact, SLS also strips your scalp of essential oils and natural moisture, as well as dehydrating your sebaceous glands. Worse, SLS damages your hair follicles, which results in hair loss.

Here’s how it works. You shed about 100 hairs each day. When you wash your hair, SLS wreaks havoc by damaging and sometimes clogging exposed hair follicles, and that leads to more hair loss

Studies have shown that skin cells can actually absorb SLS, resulting in many hair and health-related problems. Nearly 16,000 studies have been conducted on the toxicity of this chemical (see PubMed science library), yet it remains in shampoos.

If you are combating hair loss, please check your shampoo label. If SLS is in it, then talk to us about a sulfate-free shampoo. These products support your hair. You’ll have no worry that your shampoo is contributing to your hair loss.

Instead, your hair will feel soft and healthy. Never worry about damaging your health or your hair ever again! (236)

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