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Men’s Hair Types

Men’s Hair Types

There are essentially 4 hair types, which are based on the shape of your hair.

Knowing your hair type allows you to establish the foundation to customizing your hair styles and hair care.

But how can you know which type your hair falls under?

Inspect your hair in the mirror and try to come up with the specific shape of your hair. Compare the shape of your hair with the description of each hair type.

Straight hair grows without bending at all. The shape resembles an I.

Wavy hair bends as it grows, producing shapes that resemble an S.

Coiled hair bends deeply as it grows, forming shapes like coils and ringlets. When looked in two dimensions, the coils resemble cursive E shapes.

Kinky hair forms as very tight coils, so tight that its difficult to see the definition from afar. This is the main difference between the coiled hair and kinky hair types. To see the kinky locks, you’d have to get closer and you’ll see they resemble Z shapes.

Ideally, your hair should be longer than half an inch to find out its type.

By knowing your hair type, it is easier to customize hair care and grooming that’s right for you.

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