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Overnight Hair Care

Overnight Hair Care

Before going to bed, you make sure that your skin has all the cremes, solutions, and anti-aging ingredients it needs to become smoother and younger looking.

But what about your hair?

There are several ways you can care for your hair while you sleep. Let’s look at some of them.

Argan Oil
If you have dry or damaged hair, you can apply a nourishing hair treatment before going to bed. Then wrap your head with a silk scarf to make your tresses silky smooth when you wake up. Constant conditioning will give you tresses that are soft to the touch and less tangles to deal with.

Contain Your Hair
Sleeping with your hair down causes knots and tangles with all the tossing and turning you do in bed. And sometimes brushing it out may damage your locks. Pulling your hair into a loose bun won’t tug or add pressure to your scalp while you sleep.

Cut the Heat in Half
If it is necessary that you using heating tools on your hair, you can cut down the time easily. Wash your hair the night before. Then gently using a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. In the morning, your hair will be dryer and softer, which means you won’t have to use the dryer as long, lessening the heat against your hair.

Beat Frizz
Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner evenly through damp hair, focusing on ends. Run a wide-tooth comb through hair. Then twist into a loose bun prior to going to sleep. In the morning, release your bun and you’ll be left with hair that has frizz-free body and shine.

Make Dry Shampoo Your Friend
If your mane is on the oily side, consider spritzing the grease away by using dry shampoo the night before. Spray about six inches away from the roots and let the product sit for a minute before styling your hair into a topknot. This will create instant volume on waves already created by the high bun and soak up excess oil, all while providing a fresh, clean scent.

Promote Growth
Remember when your grandmother used to brush her hair with 100 strokes before night time? There’s no need to do all that work, especially since that much brushing can cause breakage. Gently stimulate your scalp with your fingertips before bed. This moves blood flow to the scalp, leading to healthy growth patterns and dispersing natural, moisturizing oils throughout your hair.

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