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Preventing Breakage With Braids

Preventing Breakage With Braids

Hair breakage can be very frustrating especially if it’s the reason why you can’t grow your hair out.

But there is a way that you might be able to prevent it; with braids.

Braiding your hair at night could help reduce breakage because when you wrap your locks in a tight style, the fibers are immobilized and can’t rub against the pillow as you sleep. By reducing the fiber-fabric friction you can reduce damage to the hair. Therefore, the ”best” hairstyle to wear while sleeping is the one that reduces damage-causing friction the most.

While braiding may reduce the friction against the pillow it doesn’t prevent fibers from rubbing against each other inside the braid. Theoretically, the best thing to do is oil your hair to reduce fiber-fiber damage. Of course this creates another problem: oil will transfer to your pillowcase. So perhaps the best option is to wrap your hair in some sort of bun cover.

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