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Pure Hair Care

Pure Hair Care Range

Pure hair care range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling is balanced by nature to nurture all hair types. All products in the range contain our exclusive ‘pure complex’, a unique blend of organic extracts and vitamins.

Our exlusive “Pure Complex” certified 100% organic extracts to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Organic Nettle Extract

Helps control flakiness and increase shine

Organic Aloe Vera Extract

Vitamins found in aloe extract – B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and caratone include soothing and anti-oxidant benefits

Organic Thyme Extract

Tones and refreshes

Organic Ginger Extract


Organic Apricot Extract

Tones and softens

Organic Rosemary Extract

Soothes and adds shine and anti-oxidant benefits

Organic Horsetail Extract

Smooths and de-frizzes the hair shaft

Organic Lavender Extract

Soothes the scalp

Organic Althea Extract

Softens and smooths

Organic Glycerine

Vegetable derived natural humectant

Our Pure range is blended with naturally derived ingredients which have been carefully researched to substitute more traditional synthetic ingredients. Our aim is to develop a safer, more gentle environmentally friendly hair care regime.

Blended with 100% organic extracts and vitamins providing strength, nourishment, protection, moisture and shine

Shea Butter

Native to Western Africa, this is a beautiful rich and decadent ingredient. Shea butter is known for it’s regenerative, emollient and protectant properties.

Kalahari Melon Oil

Kalahari melon oil is rich in essential fatty acids especially limoleic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids

Hydrolysed Milk Protein

Excellent moisturising and softening properties for maintaining healthy condition and shine in coloured hair

Pearl Nacre

Contains essential amino acid complexes that heal and maintain the cells in human body

Argan Oil

Extracted from the kernel of the argan tree, the oil nourishes, strengthens, conditions, restores shine, increases softness and moisturises all hair types

Mongongo Oil

Mongongo oil has hydrating, regenerating and restructing properties

Buriti Oil

Protects and repairs dry or damaged hair

Marula Oil

Mega-rich with exceptional moisturising benefits

Acai Oil

Native to the Amazon rainforest, known for its amazing anti-oxidant benefits

Turmeric Oil

Anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties

Sunflower Oil

Contains fatty acid, vitamin E and anti oxidants