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Repair Manual For The 5 Most Common Damaged Hair Types

Repair Manual For The 5 Most Common Damaged Hair Types

Bad hair days happen, but they don’t have to! Most are a result of either not eating well, the overuse of heating tools, and not taking steps to remedy the damage.

So how can you stay on track? Here’s our manual for the most common types of damaged hair:

Frizz—Humidity causes frizz when it penetrates hair. So you want products that have anti-humectants. These products create a barrier against moisture because they contain lightweight silicones and natural oils.

Split Ends—From coloring your hair to environmental pollutants, most anything can dry out your hair, and that can cause split ends. Get regular trims and deep condition regularly.

For more super intense hydration, leave in your moisture treatment overnight. (Wear a shower cap or cover your pillow with a towel). Then rinse out the next morning. You’ll love the results!

Dullness—This can be the result of flat color, over processing and product buildup. Many times, the cuticle is so cracked the hair just won’t reflect light. The solution? Alternate heavier styling products with lightweight ones so you can avoid product buildup.

Use a clarifying shampoo one or twice a month to remove styling residue. Ask us about doing a clear gloss or glaze treatment to enhance shine.

Breakage—Poor diet, stress, over processing, over styling, too much teasing, and even wearing at ponytail too often can cause hair to break. First things first. If you aren’t feeding yourself nutritious foods, it’s time to get serious about your health.

Next up, add a weekly protein treatment to strengthen hair.

Flyaways—Styling tools like blow dryers, hot rollers, and curling irons all remove moisture from your hair. Combine that with low humidity and your hair can really get flyaway. A moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioning can really work wonders. Just make sure to make it a regular part of your routine.

Use styling products that infuse your hair with emollients like vitamin E, shea butter, wheat germ and panthenol.

Got questions? Just ask! That’s what we’re here for.

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