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Have you ever been surprised to see professional salon products in a drug store?

Lines such as Matrix, Paul Mitchell and Coppola Keratin Complex are just some of the hair care products you see sitting next to the toilet paper at CVS or Target.

These stores aren’t authorized to sell these hair care lines, so how do they do it?

It’s actually very easy.

Black market under lords buy these products from a legitimate distributor. Then they store them in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires and the products can no longer be traced.

New barcodes are slapped on over the original and the product goes right on the shelf, selling for a few dollars more than what salons charge.

This practice is called diversion and there’s no law against it.

It gets worse.

The barcode isn’t the only thing that has expired. Years of exposure to heat and cold drastically degrade the product formulation.

It’s no longer effective and the consistency is like goo.

You’re complaining that the product doesn’t work and that your hair feels awful.

And WE can’t figure out what’s wrong!

What a mess.

Bottom line. Professional hair products are shipped and sold directly to salons.

If pantyhose are sitting right next to the professional hair care products you want to buy, you’re in the wrong place.

Source: www.xojane.com

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