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The Foundation For Enviable And Manageable Curly Hair

The Foundation For Enviable And Manageable Curly Hair

The fact is curly hair is in a class all by itself. Of all the hair types, it’s the most envied and the hardest to tame.

We often find that curly girls don’t really know how to work with their tresses. They will often use the same products that their non-curly friends use. The results are frizzy, thirsty, stressed out hair. (Can you say, “Bad hair day!”?)

Curly hair, with all its twists and turns, has its own distinct set of needs. Take a look:

– An experienced stylist is a must. It’s critical to have a stylist that really understands curly hair! We have been trained in the techniques for curly hair. We not only understand this tricky hair type, we love it! That means we can expertly advise you on styles and cuts that work for your face shape and lifestyle.

– Shampoo and conditioner. We can prescribe the specific shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair type. You will love the difference!

– Deep condition your hair weekly. Curly hair is drier and needs additional moisture for super manageability. It may be beneficial to deep condition your hair twice weekly. (Talk to your stylist).

– Styling Crème. This is a must to further tame flyaways and boost shine.

– Diffuser. You already know that blow dryers don’t work for curly hair. That’s why we love diffusers. They coax perfect ringlets out of your hair. (Be sure to attach it to an ionic hairdryer because it cuts drying time in half.)

These five steps are the foundation for rockin’ gorgeous lovable hair. So use them and stop fighting with your hair!

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