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Believe it or not, your scalp needs moisture! Without it, it can become quite itchy. The good news is many of the causes of an itchy scalp are easily remedied. Let’s take a look at some of the offenders and what to do about it.

First up is a common medical condition, dandruff. Caused by an overgrowth of yeast, using an over-the-counter shampoo that contains selenium, zinc pyrithione, or tea tree oil helps to control the yeast overgrowth.

If your scalp is more flaky than itchy, a salicylic acid shampoo can reduce yeast build up. More stubborn cases may require a prescription shampoo from your doctor.

The other causes of scalp itch stem from lifestyle choices. For example, the heat from daily blowing can irritate and dry out the scalp. There’s an easy fix for that.

Avoid setting your hair dryer to the hottest setting, especially when hair is very wet. Excessive heat not only causes your scalp to dry out, but very wet hair is at its most vulnerable.

That’s why high heat is a big no-no for both.

Next, an allergic reaction to hair products is another common culprit. Some products such as hair sprays contain ingredients that tighten as they dry causing a slight pulling sensation on the scalp, and that leads to itchiness.

Repeated chemical hair treatments like permanent color, relaxers and keratin treatments can sap scalp moisture. To counter itchiness, we can add conditioners to your service to help eliminate the irritation.

Lastly, environmental factors can lead to scalp irritation. Cooler weather with low humidity, as well as wind and sun can cause your scalp to itch. To get more moisture into your scalp, again, it’s essential to avoid hot, hot water when washing your hair.

You don’t want to strip your scalp of its natural oils. So go easy. Ask us about moisturizing and protective products that smooth the hair surface. These won’t cause dryness to your scalp, but they will make your hair shiny!

And don’t forget to use a good conditioner. Work it into the scalp and leave it on a few minutes.

Bottom line. You don’t have to live with an itchy scalp. Combining common sense with effective professional products will keep you itch-free!

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