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So your hair’s got an attitude…lifeless, dull, dry, and it won’t do a thing. You’ve been faithful with deep conditioning at home and getting regular trims.

Grrrrr….What the heck is going on?

The simple truth is we inflict more damage on our hair every day with styling tools, blow dryers, and chemical treatments than we have at any other time in history!

Even the environment, with the ever-increasing amounts of pollution and changing weather patterns, wreaks havoc on the best-kept hair.

Fortunately, at-home deep conditioners work wonders, especially if you invest in professional salon quality. (Over-the-counter deep conditioners, however, generally have more fillers and results are not as beneficial.)

But let’s say you do invest in an at home deep conditioner from our salon and you suddenly start to have trouble. First, you may need to clarify your hair.

This removes all that product build up so your at home deep conditioner can work properly. If you’re still having problems, consider the huge benefits of an in-salon deep conditioning treatment.

It’s like getting a facial for your hair. The results are that good! Salon deep conditioning treatments don’t just coat the hair. These professional treatments push much-needed nutrients further into the hair follicles to restore moisture.

The results are shiny, healthy, manageable hair. Even damaged hair will look and feel healthier!

Seriously, if you regularly color, perm, or bleach your hair, an in-salon deep conditioning treatment is a MUST. This monthly treatment will help your at home conditioning treatments work more effectively.

You will be amazed at your hair’s responsiveness, the enhanced color shine, and manageability. Not to mention the amount of time you don’t spend on your hair!

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