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So your hair is damaged; it’s the kind of damage that requires an intervention.
That’s okay because we’re the Hair Intervention Experts!

Taming damaged hair requires a hair lifestyle change. We think it’s a change you’ll love, especially when you see the beautiful results.

Here’s our prescription:

Regular haircuts–Damaged hair means that there are lots of split ends literally hanging around. You’re probably trying to keep as much length as you can, but get this.

The longer you go between haircuts, the farther the damage spreads. Those tiny split ends can easily work their way up the hair shaft of each strand. And you know what that means?

When you do come in for a haircut, we’ll have to trim more off. So get regular haircuts!

Be gentle with your hair. When shampooing, use the pads of your fingers. Forget manhandling. This is no time to put a lot of muscle into that shampoo massage. Gentle, gentle, gentle.

Know your shampoos ingredients. There are a LOT of products that say they are for damaged hair. Skip the guesswork and let us help. We’ll always choose a sulfate-free shampoo, of course. And we’ll make recommendations based on the hair damage and texture of your hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb with your conditioner. That will help smooth out any tangles. You want to take as much stress off of your hair as possible.

Hair masks—You’ll want to use masks on your hair to add moisture. That’s great! Just go easy on protein hair masks. Your hair is made of a protein called keratin, so it’s easy to overdose on it, causing your hair to become brittle and break off.

Not what you want ever! Moisturize your hair but keep protein masks to once per week. Use keratin styling products every few shampoos.

Hot tools and Mother Nature–And lastly, usually when we think of damage, we think of hot tools and color treatments. Certainly, those are culprits. Go easy on those, too. Just don’t forget about Mother Nature. She can wreak havoc on your hair. Wear hats for winter weather and summer sun.

Once you follow this prescription, we think you’ll want to use it even if you don’t have damaged hair. Why? Beautiful, manageable hair is so much more fun!

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