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It’s really not a couple of dirty words! In fact, going grey has actually become a trend in recent years. If you make the decision to go grey, the look can be dazzling, but it must be done right!

Why Do We Grey?

Going grey can start as early as 15, but for 25% of the population, those telltale signs of age start in our early 30’s. So much of it has to do with heredity.

If your family greys early, mostly likely, so will you. Cells call melanocytes determine the color of your hair. As melanocytes become less active (as they do in our 20’s), they don’t carry as much pigment, and that’s when the greying begins.

But who says grey hair has to mean old age? Some women choose to embrace this inevitable life change with sass.

The Key To Greying Beautifully

Going grey, just like coloring your hair, has its own set of rules. Follow them and your grey locks can be stunning.

The key is to keep the color vibrant. Because grey hair can turn yellow, ask us about a soft toner to neutralize yellow and add glossy shine.

Grey hair is often wiry and tends to be drier and more brittle. So make sure you use a violet shampoo that is also moisturizing. And, as with all hair types, deep condition weekly!

To keep your whole appearance youthful, be vigilant about updating your look. Don’t keep the same cut you had 10 years ago. Change is good. Make yours beautiful!

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