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What Causes Hair Tangles, Breakage, And Frizz?

What Causes Hair Tangles,
Breakage, And Frizz?

Ack! You can’t get a comb through your hair, it won’t do ANYTHING, and you’re wondering what you did to deserve the worst hair in the world.

Take a deep breath. It’s all fixable!

Those pesky tangles are caused when the outer layer of your hair becomes damaged and opens up. The more damaged it is, the worse the tangles.

Not good for either of you. Damaged hair can result in frizz and breakage. That’s your hair sending a second very loud S.O.S. message, (in case you didn’t get the first one about tangles): “Help! You’ve pushed me too far!”

Common culprits of hair breakage are perming, chemical relaxing, coloring, and bleaching your hair. That’s why if there is any question about the condition of your hair, we do an elasticity test first.

If your hair isn’t stretchy, it’s not ready for a chemical service. And all that frizz? Another S.O.S. message to hydrate your hair. Ease up on styling tools, blow dryers, curling iron, or flat irons.

Over use of styling tools rob your hair of moisture, and that means no shine, no body, no bounce, NO fun!

A good trim is also definitely in order. Add a series of in-salon deep conditioning treatments to push nutrients further into your hair.

Your mission? Love your hair as much as we do. Take good care of it!

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