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Hair is so personal, isn’t it? If you love your hair long, the thought of cutting it can cause you to break out in a sweat.

For someone else, a short style is so liberating. That’s why no matter how you wear your hair, the right cut is the foundation for anything you choose to do with your hair.

So what exactly is the right cut? Well, it all starts with a consult. We want to know what you want to achieve with your hair.

Do you love hair and want to do every new style that pops up? Or, do you want an easy style for a busy life? These questions are critical to creating a cut that works for you.

But our consults dig deeper. We assess the health of your hair, as well as your hair type so that we can give you the right cut. And that is…

One that suits both your face shape and lifestyle so that it looks like you were born with the cut. Your hair moves naturally and beautifully!

The right cut works with your hair texture and simply flows for low maintenance and high style. Sound like you? We thought so!

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