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What Your Scalp Needs For Beautiful Hair

What Your Scalp Needs For Beautiful Hair

Your scalp is one of the most overlooked sources for getting gorgeous hair. Why? Because if your scalp’s not happy, your hair won’t be happy either!

Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp has its own set of nutritional requirements. If it doesn’t get what it needs, you will have problems with your hair! Dryness and hair shedding are just two of the problems you can face with this under treated problem.

That’s why it’s so important to take an “inside out” approach to having beautiful, healthy hair.

Omega 3’s are part of the hair shaft and hair shaft cell membranes. Hair needs this food to perform at the top of their game. When consumed daily, omega 3’s promote circulation to the scalp, increasing hair shine, elasticity, and strength.

In the salon, we make sure our topical applications include omega 3 fatty acids. This helps to maintain a hydrated scalp and to makes hair resilient to daily damage caused by weather and heating tools.

You do the “inside work” and watch as your hair gradually improves. It’s such a simple step that returns huge benefits!

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